Posted by: bikenwalk | November 13, 2008

VTC Common Ground Walkability and Bikeability Seminars a big success!

On October 29th, transportation experts from accross New Jersey traveled to the Edward J Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers Universtiy for the Voorhees Transportation Center’s Common Grounds Leadership Seminars on walkability and bikeablity. The morning seminar on walkability and the afternoon session on bikeability were both conducted in a similar format, introduction to the material, a keynote speaker, a guest speaker panel, and an open forum. The keynote speaker for both seminars was Michael Ronkin, of Designing Streets for Pedestrians and Bicyclists and an expert on street design. Mr. Ronkin went through several different theories as to how to make neighborhood streets can be made more bike and pedestrian friendly. One underlying theme that I took away from Mr. Ronkin’s talks was the less-is-more philosophy of road re-development. We often think that roads must be repaved and widen to accomidate pedestrians and bicyclists. However, what Mr. Ronkins showed was that by simply restriping many major roads, the can me made extremely accominadating for cyclists. What also supprised me was that Mr. Ronkins was not in favor of “Share the Road” signs, as they distract both cyclists and drivers. Also, Mr. Ronkins did not think residential roads should be stripped as studies have shown that if local roads are stripped for cyclists, cars will travel faster and pinch cyclists against parked cars. These are just a few nuggets of info that Mr. Ronkins provided the audience in his wonderful lectures. My next post will be regarding the exceptional panel we had for the bikeability forum in the afternoon.

Common Grounds Flyer


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