Posted by: bikenwalk | November 19, 2008

What’s your carbon footprint, bike tred, or car tred?

I found the link for on the Transportation Alternatives webstie. While there are more extensive websites for determining your overall effect on the environment, allows you to see the impact on a daily, and easily changed behaviors, commuting to work. Reducing the amount of carbon produced during your commute to work means that you are putting forth more energy, meaning a healthier you, and also means less environmental pollution, meaning healthier air for everyone.

I have two jobs, the one that lets me write and advocate for biking, which is awesome, and another one that pays the bills. With the first job, I am lucky to live close enough that I am a quick bike ride or a pleasant walk from work. This commute leaves no carbon footprint. My other job unfortunately is too far, and too dangerous, for biking or walking, so I have to drive the 10 miles each day to work. This commute 24.4 pounds of carbon dioxide. To offset this I would need to plant 35 trees a week. I either better start digging or carpooling to work.

Find out your commutes carbon footprint at


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