Posted by: bikenwalk | November 25, 2008

Bike the bird: how to burn your thanksgiving feast the right way

Seeing advertisements for Thanksgiving, and remember gut-busting feasts of years past, I thought of all good times with family I have had on this special day, and all of the calories I must have consumed over the years of turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, and pie (ohh the pie!!). I found this link from ( that lets you calculate the total caloric intake from the thanksgiving festivities. I plugged it what I normally ate for Thanksgiving day and the total was . . . remember I am a growing boy . . . 2995 calories. The website readout then said, “You will need to walk 29.95 miles, 48.30 kilometers, or 59900 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.” If I walked at the average pace of 15min/mile it would take me over seven hours to walk off Thanksgiving! However, if I biked at a moderate pace, burning 800 calories an hour, I could burn the same meal in less than 4 hours. So my advice is that this friday, if you have woken up from your tryptophan-induced coma, andyou are not fighting with someone in a Wal-Mart over a flatscreen TV on sale for $15, go for a bike ride, enjoy the fall air, and the watch the savory Thanksgiving pounds melt away.




  1. The average American Thanksgiving dinner checks in at a gut-busting 4,000 calories. Or, what the average American mail should eat in total in two days.

    An average cyclist will burn 25 to 33 calories per mile. In order to burn off just dinner today, I’ll have to hit the road to the tune of 150 miles and more than nine hours.

    Ugh. No second helping of yams for me today.


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