Posted by: bikenwalk | October 28, 2008

New website gives West Windsor ‘curb appeal’


Nearly a million bicyclists and pedestrians in the US went to emergency rooms last year for bike and walking -related injuries. A surprising amount of these injuries came from improper sidewalk and crosswalk conditions. Improper crosswalk markings, or faded markings, can lead to a miscommunication between bikes and pedestrians and cars, leading to severe or deadly injuries.

To get an idea of the sidewalk conditions in their neighborhood, the people of the West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance (WWBPA) surveyed over 200 crosswalks in West Windsor, NJ. The volunteers from the WWBPA and the McGraw-Hill company collected data on the slope of sidewalk, the condition of the concrete, and any crosswalk markings at each destination. The data has been recently uploaded onto an interactive website, created by Vertices LLC., that allows locals citizens to view the data collected by the WWBPA in an easy to use format. You can use the search criteria to find sidewalks with missing crosswalk signs, missing or malfunctioning walk signs, missing or dysfunctional curb cut slope, and much more. You can also simply click on any sidewalk on the map, or enter the address of the sidewalk where indicated, and a grid will appear to the left of the map will all relevant information regarding that crosswalk. The amount of information that is presented, and that can be extracted, from this website is almost overwhelming. Look for great things to come from this website and this data.

Visit the WWBPA website at:


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