Posted by: bikenwalk | October 24, 2008

Rutgers University set to get new bike path

An article in this Wednesday’s Daily Targum, the official student newspaper of Rutgers University, annonced plans for the City of New Brunswick to install a bike path between the College Avenue and Cook/Douglass. The path will start in Buccleuch Park and end on Bishop Street on Cook/Douglass campus. Various ideas were brought up for possible commuting routes between the two campuses. George Street, the main road through New Brunswick and a direct route from College Ave. to Cook/Douglass, was determined to be to highly traffic for installing a bike path. The decided route will keep students several blocks away from the major traffic of George Street and the Route 18 on ramps. I think that this has the potential to be the most used bike path at Rutgers. Going through New Brunswick between these two campuses via bus or car can take up to an hour due to the traffic on George Street and the construction on Route 18. However, the same trip can be made by bike in approximately 15 minutes, anytime of day regardless of traffic. These paths will be a great step forward in making Rutgers University a more bike friendly campus.



  1. Yes I agree with you!

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