Posted by: bikenwalk | October 24, 2008

NJ in top 10 of most ‘Bikefriendly’ States

In the League of American Cyclists’ annual report on the most bike friendly states New Jersey cracked the top 10, coming in 9th out of all 50 states. The reasons given for New Jersey’s high ranking were that New jersey has funding and plans in place for mountain biking and commuter biking trails that will help promote cycling across the state. what help New Jersey back from being even higher on the list is that there are no safe pass laws put into place in terms of cars passing cyclists. Coming in first was Washington state for its tremendous funding, facilities, and regulations regarding bicycling. In 50th was West Virginia whom, although does have a very nice system of mountain bike trails, does not have any state funding to promote or support cycling in the state.

To view the rank of all 50 states visit the League of American Bicyclist webpage at


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