Posted by: bikenwalk | October 17, 2008

New Data for the WWBPA

A few months ago the West Windsor Bicycling and Pedestrian Alliance (WWBPA), based out of West Windsor, NJ collected data on the sidewalk conditions of hundreds of crosswalks within their township. The event was put on to raise awareness of individuals with disabilities and quantify the difficulties these individuals face trying to traverse their local streets. The event was a complete success. Tons of data on street walk safety were collected, you can read more about the event at Now that the group has had time to process the data, the WWBPA will begin to upload their data onto their mapping site. There site ( already contains a lot of information regarding bicycle and pedestrian accidents in the are, as well as scenic spots, historic locations, and various bike and walking routes. The addition of the crosswalk data will give the citizens of West Windsor, NJ a comprehensive source of information regarding walking and biking in their community. The WWBPA should be commended for their tireless efforts in trying to make their township as bike and pedestrian friendly, and handicapped accessible, as they can. Again, their website is

WWBPA Mappler Site

WWBPA Mappler Site


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