Posted by: bikenwalk | July 7, 2008

Improving Bikability and Public Transit in New Brunswick, NJ

In light of the recent skyrocket in gas prices, two high school students, Asad Hussain and Jocelyn Im, decided to take action and let the people of New Brunswick, NJ know that their are other ways besides driving to get around. Hussain and Im created the website Train Station Access: Bike and Walk New Brunswick, NJ. The two students have already created a similar Princeton Junction Train Station website and decided to extend their reach to New Brunswick. The site , powered by Mappler via Google Maps, provides information about bike-rack accessibility and quality, Cafe’ and Deli locations, and Train Station access points. The purpose of this website is to show you how ‘green’ forms of transportation can interconnect and allow a large number of residents can travel throughout the tri-state area with little impact on the environment or their wallet. To view the website, click the below link:

A shot of NBbikerack in action

A shot of NBbikerack in action


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