Posted by: bikenwalk | July 1, 2008

FrankinBike: IT’S ALIVE!!!

Well, it took a little while longer that expected, but I finally got my dad’s old Raleigh Grand Prix (circa 1974) up and running. I used the original break and levers, took the break pads from my roommate’s fixed gear b/c he is in Kenya for the summer, I promise to replace them Alex, and used nuts and bolts from home depot for the rest. So lets total up the cost of the “eclectic” bike:

Frame (aged to perfection): free

Wheels: Donated by generous Rutgers Alumi

Brake Cable: $10

Tires: $20 front, rear was free (found it in a used tire bin in a shop outside of Pittsburgh).

Chain: Free

Nuts and Bolts: $10 (technically they were free b/c I used a gift card)

Add all of that up and you get $40 . . . WE DID IT! We built up a bike for $40 (the original goal of this project), and while she may not be the prettiest on the bike rack, she’s smooth and handles well. So for everyone out there who says they can’t afford a bike, this just shows with some close friends and a little hard work, anyone can ride a bike. Also, I would like to thank Kim’s Bike Shop in New Brunswick, NJ for all of their awesome advice and mechanical work (best shop in New Brunswick, NJ).


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