Posted by: bikenwalk | April 28, 2008 Making it easier for bikers and walkers to go on the go in NYC

This weekend I participated in an event hosted by VERTICES LLC. and to locate and rate restrooms throughout New York City. The objective was to increase the resources for the website NYRestroom provides an interactive mapping domain in which users can log in (free of charge) and locate different restrooms throughout New York City.

The event was a great success, compiling nearly 80 new bathrooms in 3 different districts throughout the city. What I found amazing, and really inspiring, was the need that this website fills. While finding/using a restroom is something that is not normally discussed in moder society (at least outside of fraternity houses) I was surprised to hear on every block a tourist or a child whispering to the person your with, “We need to find a bathroom”. It is dire situations like these that lead to less sanitary conditions throughout the city. If people were able to find a restroom whenever they needed to use the facilities or simply wash your hands, imagine how much cleaner New York would be.

NYRestrooms also has implications for alternative transportation. Imagine how many more people would decide to walk or ride their bike if they knew they could find a restroom to freshen up in once they reach their destination or in route to different locations.

The truth is, We’ve all gotta go, and in a place like New York City this basic biological function can be a daughting task. However, with the help of initiatives like, cities across the US could seem a lot more managable.  


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