Posted by: bikenwalk | April 24, 2008

Safe Routes to Bike: This info could save you life

As I biked home yesterday, I saw a man biking down a 3 lane highway (speed limit 55mph, cars doing 70mph) right next to a large concrete wall. This made me realize that know which routes are safe to bike and the conditions of the road are crucial. That is why I have provided safe routes to bike throughout the New Brunswick, NJ area with my mapping website Rutgers Bus to Bike. The website ha tons of information, pics, and videos to make people’s commute around the area more enjoyable. This website was made by VERTICES LLC and can be made for any organization looking to put info on the web in a clear and dynamic way. So before you make a new commuting route, look for information like that posted on Rutgers Bus to Bike because it could be a life saver.

A video from Rutgers Bus to Bike


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