Posted by: bikenwalk | April 14, 2008

Beanpot Report: Cycling is alive and well in Boston

I am currenly recovering from the awesome weekend of collegiate cycling, The Boston Beanpot. The weekend consisted of a B-e-a-utiful team time trial course and road race on Saturday, followed by what is considered one of if not the best criterium course in the Northeast. It was no surprise that the weekend races were amazing, but what was surprising was the strength of the cycling community in Boston. Boston has been regarded as a hazardous and unhospitable territory for cyclist for quite some time, but this is not what I found. While the colonial road system and crazy traffic does provide some obstacles for cyclist, the bikers handle the cars in a way that I can only describe as professional. As a track and fixie rider, I like to keep a count of all the fixie riders I see in a given town and in Boston I lost count the first night I got there. So I give much resepect to all of the clam cowder eating riders, you make Boston a true bike town.

 Showing some Boston cycling history





  1. […] in, due to the snow, old streets, crazy drivers, and so on, so it’s nice to read that at least Bike N’ Walk likes us. Although, a city can have a healthy and growing cycling community and still have its […]

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