Posted by: bikenwalk | April 1, 2008

Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008: Clipless in Seattle

On September 2nd through September 5th, thousands of advocates will walk, bike, and use other, less awesome, means of transportation to meet at the 15th International Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference in Seattle, Washington. The four day event is full of interesting presentations, meetings, and workshops from organizations throughout the country to help provide resources for organizations looking to improve walkability and bikeablity in their area. One of presentations will focus on the internet mapping websites like those found on the Garfield Walkability website and the Rutgers Bus-To-Bike website. This is the first time that the conference will repeat its host venue. Seattle was chosen again because of the Puget Sound’s extreme dedication to bike and walk advocacy and the phenominal progress that they have made in the past 20 years since they last hosted Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference. It is sure to be an amazing time in an amazing city. I recommend all that can attend do so for the benefit of you and your organization.

Logo for the 15th International Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference in Seattle, Wash. (Sept 2-5)


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