Posted by: bikenwalk | February 27, 2008

Garfield’s Streets Walkability Guide: Reaching and Teaching with Mapping

One of the biggest success stories in the recent history of Bike N’ Walk is the Garfield Walkability Guide. Part of the Have F.U.N. in Garfield Program, the Garfield Walkability Guide gives local residents of Garfield, NJ a bird’s-eye-view of the walking and biking routes and condition in their community. In addition to providing info for walkers and bikers, the Garfield Guide provides the view with information about walkers and bikers, or healthy living in general, by mapping important buildings in the area the promote healthy living and Safe Routes To School (SRTS) projects in the area.

One of the SRTS project took place at Rossevelt School #7’s “Walking Day”. Students, grades K through 6, mapped the route from their house to school. The purpose of this exercise was to show students how walk or bike accessible their school may be from their homes, and hopefully encourage students to use these alternative methods of commuting to school.

The community of Garfield, NJ is really using interactive online-mapping to its full potential when it comes to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Kudos! For more information about Garfield’s Street Walkability Guide, click on the link above or click here.

Garfield’s Street Walkability Guide


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