Posted by: bikenwalk | February 21, 2008

Mapping Crashes, Saving Lives

The speed and convenience of bike commuting and bike riding does not come with any risk. There were an estimated 540,000 bike crashes in 2006, with 27,000 of them resulting in serious injury. While the best and simplest preventative measure a cyclist can take is WEARING A HELMET, there are other resources that can help cyclists stay safe on the road is a website that has mapped out all of the bike-crash locations in the city of New Burnswick. The site sorts the crashes by time of day. If you click on the point, it gives you a more detailed description of the crash. The website, provided by Vertices LLC, gives bikers an easy way to see the trends of bike crashes in the city so that they can plan their routes accordingly and make their trips as fun and safe as possible. To view NB Bike Crash, click on the link above or click here



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