Posted by: bikenwalk | February 18, 2008

Counting Calories Around New Brunswick

For the second installment of the Mappler website exhibition, I chose to focus on the bipeds, those brave people who decide to take the most simplistic, most affordable, and sometimes most convenient method of travel, walking. For all you NJ pedestrians out there have I got a site for you. The website, created by Vertices LLC is called the New Brunswick, NJ Pedometer Project and it helps motivate people to ditch the car and hit the curb. By double-clicking from the start to finish of your daily walking route, and HONESTLY putting in your weight, the website will calculate the distance of the trip seem not as long. I put in my walk from the College Avenue Campus area of Rutgers University to downtown New Brunswick, a trip I take at least once a day, and found that I burn a little over 100 Calories each way. While the 200+ Calories I burn each day may not give me the freedom to eat that extra fat sandwich that night, a local delicacy at Rutgers University, I does make the 10 minute walk seem quicker knowing I am doing something healthy for me and the environment. Check it out yourself by clicking here My Daily Commute.


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