Posted by: bikenwalk | February 12, 2008

West Windsor Bike Alliance

The West Windsor Bike Alliance has advanced community activism and participation through their website West Windsor by Bike. West Windsor by Bike provides recreational and commuting bikers in the area of West Windsor with information such as: safe bike routes in the area, location and condition of bike racks, restrooms, scenic views to look for along the bike paths, historical sites to visit on your ride, bike shops, and any bike hazards. In spite of all these wonderful applicatons, the best feature of West Windsor by Bike is its ability to interact with the community. Once they obtain a login, bikers from the community can contribute to the website by providing up-to-date information on things like, trail conditions, bike hazards, and local bike events in the area.

The West Windsor by Bike website utilizes an interactive mapping application designed for public participatory mapping, known as Mappler. Mappler is a program created and run by Vertices LLC. Just like the West Windsor by Bike, Vertices is dedicated to connecting communities by providing them with a means of communicating their personal knowledge of their local area. Vertices feels that this public participation will help create more involved and more active communities throughout the world. If you or your organization is interested in creating your own interactive community, go to, or e-mail Wansoo Im, Founder and President of Vertices LLC at


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